Twice a month on our go90-exclusive series100 Thingshost Sebastian Terry helps someone with a lifelong ambition do the seemingly impossible. The episodes have so much variety, Terry says, because we all have different goals—some are adrenalin fueled, while others are more emotionally driven. And in the latest episode, he flies a US-based, classically trained vocalist, Adrienne Collins, to a special opera house in France.

“Adrienne always aspired to sing in a classic opera theater,” Terry explains. “But it was a real unknown for us, we didn’t know how good she would be, we just knew that she was very passionate. We fly to France, and go to the Strasbourg Opera House which is one of the most magnificent buildings, architecturally. You enter, and your jaw drops, it’s got high beautiful ceilings, red plush seats in tiers, a whole eye-opening stage. Just absolutely stunning. We surprise Adrienne with having everything set up, with people backstage making costumes. And we had her get all made-up with a costume. I didn’t have to, but I got dressed up too. I looked like an idiot—you be the judge—I’m just a big kid at heart, and I totally enjoyed it.”

“We really played out this girl’s dream, from inception to reality. But even though the theater was completely empty, it still created a sense of anticipation. You’ll see me walk her out into the spotlight. And then she’s accompanied by a pianist and you’ll see that she’s actually incredible. She’ll blow your socks off. Hey, I cried, she was just that powerful. I kid you not, she sings like an angel. And the performance is phenomenal, even with no audience, as the whole setting is so dramatic. And you’ll sense that this meant so much to her, and I predict that you’ll hear much more from her.”

Watch a teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!