Sebastian Terry says the whole idea of 100 Things is that you can turn your dreams into reality. And the latest episode of his Go90-exclusive series shows the literal transformation of an American guy, Daniel, from a couch-bound video gamer to a real-life race car driver. Get ready to really rumble.

“Daniel is a serious gamer, someone who’s incredibly passionate about his racing car videogame,” Terry explains. “When I visited him in LA, and watched him play—eyes wide open, total focus—he says his heart pounding, and I casually ask him if he’d be interested in turning his online world into a reality. Would he? He went white after I said we were taking him to his favorite F-1 track in Belgium, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps. We fly over and an instructor takes us to this garage, the door opens and presto, this amazing Nissan GT-R sports car is there, his dream car!”

The GT-R is a high-performance ride that can reach 195 miles per hour and do 0-60 mph in  2.7 seconds. Terry says both Daniel and he got to drive the GT-R with the instructor, quipping: “We both did practice laps separately but I was terrible. The instructor gave me a look, ‘You’re not good enough to go around the track by yourself.’ I was embarrassed. But Daniel was really good, and he got to drive around the actual F-1 track. Then I got to sit alongside Daniel, and while everything didn’t go quite to plan, as you’ll see, it was super exciting. I’d never met a gamer before—he was very intelligent, a very thought-out person. And he was blown away by the adrenalin high of going from his couch to the real thing. You just got to keep dreaming.”

Watch a teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!