A major hurdle that happy wanderer Sebastian Terry has discovered is getting over the fear of being who you really want to be. And in the latest episode of our Go90-exclusive series, the 100 Things host helps one man do exactly that on the waves of Waikiki…

“With 100 Things, it really doesn’t matter what it is you want to do—skydive, reconnect with a loved one—it’s about pursuing a goal that’s meaningful. And all these goals people have, fundamentally they’re the same. You’re achieving something that deep down is very important to you.”

“Travis is a war veteran, a man who’d committed his life to the service of others. He’s now married with kids, and everything has always been about other people. But he’s always wanted to learn how to surf; however, when he was a kid he had an accident and almost drowned in the ocean, so he’d developed this big fear—and forgot about his dream to surf. We wanted to make that happen for him, so we took him surfing at Waikiki. And this episode culminates with him standing up on the board. Wow! As much as you may think it’s just about a guy learning to surf, it’s really emotional, and it’s more about him dealing with his fear—and actually being who he always wanted. My simple suggestion is, create your own 100 Things list and just get started.”

Watch a teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!