While Sebastian Terry travels the world helping people realize their deepest wishes, he humbly admits when he’s just a smiling prop. In this episode of 100 Things, he hilariously almost “ruins” things but ends up helping Alys Whitehead dance a fiery flamenco.

Dance has always been a big part of the young Brit’s life, and she’s trained in various dance genres but always wanted to perform the hot Spanish style dance. Terry explains…

“We went to this totally awesome flamenco bar/theater, Casa Patas, renowned for the best flamenco in Madrid, maybe all of Spain. We walked in to see our hostess performing on stage. Alice and I had never seen flamenco in person. This lady was just amazing, dressed to the nines, in an empty dark little theater, and she was just ferocious, passionate, so vibrant and giving off so much energy. She looked at us so intensely as she danced. It was intimidating, and we were quivering, as we were about to take some lessons from her.”

Terry admits he was just an anchor for Ayls’ routine. He adds, “After rehearsal, we went into wardrobe, and Alice came out looking like a little porcelain doll—there’s a story about her dad giving her a toy figurine that inspired her. But, I looked out of place, oh God. I was wearing these heeled boots, and flamenco is about slamming your feet into the ground, and as you know, I never wear shoes, and it was another challenge. So we go out on the stage with all these people watching. The hard part of the piece for me was the guitarist would start playing and I could never quite work out when to start. The first performance we do, I choked and missed the beginning. We had a few goes at it, eventually I did OK. But Alice was fine, and just doing it was so important for her. That figurine doll plays a small but big part in this episode, and she got to achieve her dream even though I probably didn’t help much.”

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