One thing that totally excites human dream weaver Sebastian Terry is going beyond his own 100 Things list and—while helping others with their awesome aspirations—getting himself into situations he never dreamed of himself. In Episode 2 of our go90-exclusive series, the allure of burning rubber was just too tempting to resist.

Our second dreamer, Soraya Navia, lives in New York, where many don’t drive and some don’t even know how. She’d had a little car accident once, so she wanted to address that issue. But she also wanted to try her hand at stunt driving.

“She’s a very competitive person, and had this dream, and wanted to feel what it was all about,” explains Terry. “We organized it with Rick Seaman, a famous stunt car driver who’s worked with scores of movie actors including Vin Diesel and Tom Cruise. We met on some California flatlands in the middle of the desert, and Rick taught us some really cool moves, like slamming on the brakes and riding them into a 180-spin. We each drove an old school American car, and went through an obstacle course and timed run. We had two runs at it. It was so fun, that smell of rubber, the engine roaring, the sense of exhilaration. Being next to someone and seeing their dreams come true makes your hair stand up on end.”

Watch a teaser of the stunt driving action below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!