Sebastian Terry’s a real outdoorsy, just-do-it type of adventurer. But he challenges you to try and not get verklempt, as Mike Myers’ character Linda Richman would say, about this emotional episode of 100 Things, our go90-exclusive series.

“Vivian had a very close connection with her grandfather, who had passed. He had this big love of nature, a fascination with and some sort of unspoken connection with sea turtles. Vivian wanted to somehow honor her grandfather’s connection and had this dream of going snorkeling and interacting live with big turtles. We set up a cool trip for her on Waikiki, going out on a catamaran to a special spot with turtles. Unfortunately, she got really seasick, vomiting off the side of the boat, and there were no turtles to be seen. I actually called it off, and we were on the way back in, with her still hanging over the edge. But, then, I kid you not, something magical happened. I won’t say what exactly, just watch it. And it was as if her grandfather had made it happen. We dived into the water, did some snorkeling, and she was in tears. I actually got blubbery myself. It was so raw and real. You cannot make this stuff up…”

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