Ever wanted to swing a real ancient sword? Well, the dreamer in the latest 100 Things episode is a “self-confessed geek, a big fan of sword and sorcery stuff,” according to our host Sebastian Terry. Englishman Kyle McKendrick, who’d never even left the UK before, has a passion for drawing medieval swords, and Terry tells us his big dream was to actually make a vintage weapon.

“This was very much about taking a dream on paper, ornate drawings, and getting your hands dirty, and turning that drawing into an actual real sword,” Terry explains. “We took Kyle to Toledo, Spain, one of the most famous sword-making places. When the Romans took over Toledo, which is an incredibly beautiful ancient city, they apparently switched all their own swords to Toledo steel because it was stronger. Kyle and I went to this old blacksmith’s place with an anvil, fire and tools. We got into hammering and shaping it, then sanding and oiling it, the whole thing. You see the metal becoming more sword-like, the points and edges, the weight, you couldn’t really think of a more horrific way to go than to be sliced by one of these things. A very intimidating weapon to make.”

Yet Terry said making the sword seemed to transform this kid, adding: “He was tiny compared to the sword. You wouldn’t imagine anyone like him being in a workshop like that ever. In the end, he wielded this massive, potentially lethal weapon, and it was almost like Excalibur and he’s just pulled it out of the stone. We made each part, and then assembled it all together. The blade looked like a mirror, where you can see a reflection. It was a beautiful showpiece that’s a deadly weapon. And a dream turned into happy reality.”

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