For all us armchair athletes who played high school ball and always thought we could hit a pitch can relate to firefighter Danny, whose dream came true with the help of a couple ex-pros and Sebastian Terry, host of our go90-exclusive series100 Things. Terry explains:

“Danny had played a little competitive baseball growing up but always wondered what it’d be like to face a major league pitch. We got former MLB pitcher Brett Tomko to come out of retirement to help us. He’d lost his father to cancer and had stepped completely away from baseball, but he loved this opportunity to help someone else achieve their dream. In fact, he arranged the whole day for Danny, even enlisting former World Series champion Adam Kennedy to give batting tips. Kennedy just happened to be one of Danny’s heroes.

“We went to a baseball diamond, and we faced all sorts of pitches from Brett. It was so much fun to try against fastballs, curves, changeups, all kinds, which we tried to hit but often missed. But we had a ton of fun, and there was a surprising finish to the hitting you’ll see. Overall, Danny was awestruck, having his hero giving him tips on hitting a ball. And Brett achieved his dream of getting back on the pitcher’s mound. It was kind of like Field of Dreams, in the end, and very emotional.”

Watch a teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!