Along with the Made Man production team, Sebastian Terry watches all the casting tapes from potential 100 Things dreamers, and Thomas Henderson’s really resonated with him because they both have an innate desire to help others. Thomas is a war hero, a medic who served in Afghanistan and other war zones. Then he lost a leg and suffered nerve and memory damage after stepping on an IED. Terry says Henderson’s dream had always been to ski, something that became more of a challenge with only one leg—but not an insurmountable one. So the two went to find some powder in Telluride, Colorado, Terry says.

“Thomas is inspirational just to be around. We had to deal with the fact he wears a prosthetic. So we had guys from the Adaptive Training Foundation, who help amputees with various activities like running and skiing, work with him. But Thomas had to lose [remove] his prosthetic and he ended up skiing on one leg. Additionally, there I am at his side, facing the run, trying not to give away that I’m a complete novice myself. The experience was awesome for both of us, and what happened up on the mountain has been an additional driving force for a very motivated man.” Thomas, who’s also going to become a father, now wants to run a marathon!

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