In the below promo clip, 100 Things host Sebastian Terry crouches near a tiger pen not knowing that the really big kitty is doing what tigers naturally do in the wild—stalk. You have to check it out and the whole episode where Terry and twins Nicole and Sara LeGrand got very close to some mighty large creatures.

“Nicole and Sarah have always been animal activists, and they wanted to find out more about animal conservation. We found a place called Lions, Tigers & Bears, an animal sanctuary in Alpine, California, which basically looks after mistreated animals and helps them readjust. There’s this problem with roadside zoos in the US, and some are illegal and animals are abandoned. Additionally, there was a tiger at the sanctuary previously owned by a rapper who’d dumped it. A lot of them go through some horrific situations with humans.”

“So we went behind the scenes and got up close and personal to these gorgeous animals. We cleaned their habitat, laid out food for them, got some big toys for the animals to play with, and learned more about them and their rituals. It was encouraging to just get personal in a very unique place with such fantastic intentions. The girls loved it so much, they’re going to go back and volunteer. For me, the tiger is probably the most beautiful animal I’ve ever seen — just its incredible size, grace and beauty, it was picture perfect.”

Watch the teaser below, then check out the full episode on the go90 app!