Helluva match last night, huh? Lots of heart, hustle and desperate defending by the USA, bookended by a couple fantastic goals, led to a 2-1 win over Ghana’s Black Stars, who have knocked the Yanks out of the past two World Cups. Great to break that curse, even if at times it wasn’t pretty.

Of course, as US fans, our emotions ran the gamut—joy and pain, deflation and elation. One outlet for all those feelings? A text message rally of sardonic slogans for the US squad. The official one may be “United By Team, Driven By Passion,” but several others came to mind as play progressed. See below.

US Soccer: “Same old team, same old style!”

US Soccer: “The 300-million person underdogs!”

US Soccer: “Against the run of play!”

US Soccer: “We play like a really fit high school team!”

US Soccer: “We forgot to stretch!”

US Soccer: “Gyan makes us crap our pants!”

US Soccer: “Two words: Arm tats!”

US Soccer: “Our bus is a Ford!”

US Soccer: “We’re not down to 10 men, it just looks that way!”

US Soccer: “Isn’t our goalie great?”

US Soccer: “Shocking the world since 1950!”

—Shawn Donnelly and Steve Mazzucchi