“And it seems the crazier they are, the better they lay, and what bodies they give them.”
—Charles Bukowski

America’s favorite child star turned wackjob Lindsay Lohan is in the spotlight again: she may go back to jail for showing up late to her community service gig at a local morgue. Lohan keeps proving her inability to function in society, yet she’s still strangely attractive. She’s not the only one, either. Hot chicks of the insane persuasion have always been appealing to guys. But why? According to Psychology Today, women with certain personality disorders make damn good cooks and even better lovers. Like so many other men, we love a crazy woman. Here are our top 11 hot but crazy celebrity babes.

Paris Hilton

Crowning Achievement: Crying in the back of a police car.

Crazy Level: 2

Hotness Level: 8

Nicki Minaj

Crowning Achievement: That insane look in her eyes every time she’s in public.

Crazy  Level: 1

Hotness Level: 10

Lady Gaga

Crowning Achievement: Probably the meat dress… or any time she opens her mouth.

Crazy Level: 4

Hotness Level: 7.5

Michelle Bachmann

Crowning Achievement: Calling for a McCarthy-style witch hunt to find out which members of Congress are “loyal.”

Crazy Level: 6

Hotness Level: 6

Winona Ryder

Crowning Achievement: Shoplifting from Saks in Beverly Hills toes a fine line between “awesome” and “crazy.”

Crazy Level: 4

Hotness Level: 8

Lil Kim

Crowning Achievement: Lying to a federal grand jury is pretty serious business. She’s probably an awesome girlfriend, though.

Crazy Level: 5

Hotness Level: 9

Lindsay Lohan

Crowning Achievement: This is probably the hardest call to make, but we’re going with trying to “help” Barack Obama get elected.

Crazy Level: 10

Hotness Level: These days? A 4 if we’re being generous.

Britney Spears

Crowning Achievement: The head shaving. Way to look like a Manson Family castoff, Brit.

Crazy Level: 9

Hotness Level: 5

Paz De La Huerta

Crowning Achievement: Pretty much any time she leaves the house for a night of falling down drunk and nip slipping.

Crazy Level: 6

Hotness Level: 8

Demi Lovato

Crowning Achievement: Punching a Jonas Brothers dancer.

Crazy Rank: 7

Hot Rank:  8

Mariah Carey

mariah carey rocks a white dress, stockings and possibly no panties

Crowning Achievement: It’s a real toss-up between ringing a bell every time she wants the subject of conversation changed or paying people to sew smaller size labels into her clothing.

Crazy Rank: 8

Hot Rank: 9