Reality shows tend to bring out the wildest in people. Just this week, for example, model Cinthia Fernandez (right) appeared on Bailando Por Un Sueno (the Argentine version of Dancing With the Stars) and performed a strip tease live on national television that ended with her fully naked and covered in wine. Now, before you decide to pack up and move to Argentina, you should know that nudity on reality shows extends to just about every continent. Here are some of the hottest reality stars to have gotten naked on television.

Cinthia Fernandez — Bailando Por Un Sueno

This was an insane moment, even by reality show standards. You’ve got to ask yourself, what exactly was she thinking? That, covered only with gold ta-ta paint, it’d suddenly be cool to rip off her panties and writhe around in red wine? Because that’s exactly what happened. But, hey, no complaints on our end. Fernandez is helping break down cultural barriers.

Orlaith and Makosi — Big Brother UK

When Orlaith McAllister and Makosi Musambasi—by far the season’s hottest cast members—got into a hot tub topless, you knew something was about to go down. Then they started making out. A lot. And it was just as great as everyone hoped it would be.

Jenna and Heidi — Survivor: The Amazon

Survival situations drive people to do some strange things. As it turns out, so do televised survival situations. In one episode of Survivor: The Amazon, contestants Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel offered to take off their clothes in exchange for chocolate and peanut butter. Host Jeff Probst immediately agreed, and the deal was carried out. Jenna and Heidi earned themselves a Playboy pictorial for that one (see photo above).

Michelle Bass — Big Brother UK

She was naked on a few occasions throughout her time on the show, but the episode in which the curvaceous Michelle Bass streaked fully naked through the house is particularly well remembered in the UK.

Lisa, Chiara and Tonya — Big Brother US

In yet another peanut-butter-related moment of reality show nudity, Big Brother contestants Lisa Donahue, Chiara Berti and Tonya Paoni crafted what they referred to as “peanut butter bikinis.” Which, in case you were wondering, aren’t really bikinis at all.

Larinda Gann — Fear Factor

On an episode of Fear Factor, college student Larinda Gann was challenged to face her fear of public nudity by walking naked down a runway in front of a live audience. Oh, yeah, and it was on national television. That’s one way to overcome your fear.

Silvina Escudero — Bailando Por Un Sueno

That’s right. Cinthia Fernandez wasn’t the first Bailando contestant to simulate sex on the show. That honor goes to model Silvina Escudero, who in one episode performed a “dance routine” that ended with her topless on a desk having her breasts licked and caressed by her dance partner. We’re all done here. On second thought… see ya in Argentina.