So Patriots QB Tom Brady is really feeling the heat this week for underinflated footballs.

But the golden boy’s hardly the only star athlete with a scandalous edge.

Just check out some of the tricks other guys are using…

1. Lionel Messi wears kangaroo-leather cleats made from a kangaroo that’s been slaughtered and flown to him, day of.

2. Jay Cutler ensures he’s locked in mentally by watching Grumpy Old Men before every home game… and Grumpier Old Men before every away game.

3. Michael Phelps wears a Speedo made from the tire rubber of Mark Spitz’s riding lawnmower.

4. Jimmie Johnson keeps himself alert behind the wheel by stuffing a six-pack of gerbils into his racing suit.

5. LeBron James’ headband siphons 5-Hour Energy directly into his bloodstream.


6. Clay Matthews spends four hours in the makeup chair every morning getting the mane of a virile male lion attached to his totally bald head.

7. The grip on Rafael Nadal’s tennis racquets? Actually the thong underwear of various women he meets on tour.

8. Calvin Johnson regularly dips his hands in a fresh tub of Marshmallow Creme to increase their stickiness.

9. Steve Kerr’s coaching clipboard contains a half-dollar-sized hologram of Marv Albert’s toupee.

10. Thirty percent of Rams helmets are made from actual rams.

11. Rory McIlroy soaks his balls in Tullamore D.E.W. every year before the Masters. And he makes sure to clean his golf balls too.