When great people pass I like to take the time to look at the person and reflect on what he gave to society. While looking at Gerald Ford I came across these 11 things I thought were very interesting that I had forgotten or never knew

1. His name was originally Leslie Lynch King. President Gerald R. Ford was the son of Leslie Lynch King and his wife Dorothy Ayer Gardner, who divorced soon after the birth of their only child. Their son was known as Leslie Lynch King, Jr., until his mother married Gerald R. Ford, Sr. in 1916, after which he went by the name Gerald R. Ford, Jr.

2. He was set to retire from politics at the end of Nixon’s term. He was tired of the circus that politics had become due to the Watergate scandal.

3. Ford almost played for the Green Bay Packers. He received offers from two professional football teams, the Detroit Lions and the Green Bay Packers, but chose instead to take a position as boxing coach and assistant varsity football coach at Yale hoping to attend law school there. A quote from Ford “I would, in retrospect, liked to have played one year just to prove that I could. But the opportunity to go to Yale and be an assistant coach and go to law school at the same time might not have been available.”

4. President Ford was the last living member of the Warren Commission. Ford co-authored, with John R. Stiles, a book about the findings of the Commission, Portrait of the Assassin.

5. Two people tried to kill Ford. Both were women and the events were 13 weeks apart

6. He worked as a park ranger in Yellowstone Park

7. Both Ford and his wife Betty, worked as models before their marriage

8. He was the first President to publicly release the whole report of his medical checkup

9. Most people forget he had to have two people resign to become President. He took over as Vice President when Agnew resigned and then President when Nixon resigned. He then lost election.

10. Betty and Gerald were very Pro-Choice

11. Ford didn’t tell Nixon personally about the pardon. ” I had a member of my staff, Beton Becker (ph), who went out to California, and told him that under certain circumstances, I would probably grant him a pardon”

Some of this is from Larry King Transcripts. For a good read and interesting inside to President Ford, give them a read.