So you met a woman at the bar and you spent all night chatting. You’re confident it’s going well and decide it’s time to take things to the next level, so you muster up the courage to ask for her number. The only problem: She turns you down. Instead of leaving with her, you’re leaving with your tail between your legs. What gives?

It’s not your fault. Women are complex creatures and it’s often difficult to read them. Some women are just being cordial. Others will flirt for nothing more than a free drink and stimulating conversation. Next time, pay close attention to her body language and the things she says. Anything other than what’s on this list means that she’s probably just being friendly.

1. She’s curious about you.
When you’re interested in a woman, you want to know more about her. Likewise, she won’t bother seeking out additional information about your job and hobbies and overall life if she’s not interested romantically.

2. She can’t keep her hands off you.
If she’s into you, she’ll initiate loads of physical contact while you chat. Look for indications like her “accidentally” brushing up against you or stroking your arm.

3. She plays up her assets.
A woman doesn’t hold back when it comes to a guy she’s interested in. She’ll be pulling out all the stops. Pay attention to the little things, like her readjusting her top to showcase the twins or adjusting her skirt so you get a better view of her legs.

4. She hints at going out.
If you were boring her to tears, she wouldn’t want to see you again. She will, however, drop obvious hints if she wants to meet up outside the bar. For example, she may say something like: “I love Thai food, too! There’s a new place that opened up around the corner, but I can’t seem to get anyone else to go. Have you been?” That’s your shot.

5. The compliments keep coming.
There’s no need for her to lie, unless she’s getting free drinks out of you—in which case, chill for a second and feel it out. If she compliments your shirt, your smile or anything else without free drinks, she’s feeling you.

6. She makes it known that she’s single.
She may bring up a story about her ex or casually mention that she’s not with anyone at the moment. She’s subtly telling you that she’s single and ready to mingle.

7. She stays by your side the whole night.
She will come up with any excuse to come back to you, even if she’s hosting the party. If she keeps popping up, it’s because she wants to be near you.

8. She makes long eye contact.
Eye contact is intimate. If she’s digging you, she will look you straight in the eye—often for long periods of time.

9. She offers to buy you a drink.
Buying you a drink means that she’s enjoying her time with you and doesn’t want you to leave her side. Plus, it also proves that she’s not just using you as a bar tab.

10. She initiates conversation.
If the conversation gets to an awkward pause and she’s not into you, she may just walk away. If she’s interested, she’ll come up with another question to ask.

11. She talks sex.
She wouldn’t make suggestive jokes if she wasn’t down for you. Keep an ear out for dirty jokes and sexy comments. If she brings them up, she’s ready to take things from the bar to the bedroom.

Photo: iStock/svetikd