The Aeroyacht 110 was designed by Gregor Tarjan and dreamily includes a 110 foot catamaran yacht with an incorporated Icon A5 exploration airplane. But it’s no longer a dream as he’s commissioned Monegasque-based yachtbuilder Wally (who were responsible for this and this) to build his dream boat.

When complete, the Aeroyacht 110 will be the largest composite catamaran in the world, and certainly the only one with a built-in amphibious exploration plane. The plane is of a fold-wing design and fits into a “specially designed pod” on the yacht from which it can be launched.

At completion, the yacht is expected to be capable of 35 knots at full speed which is on the high end for cats over 100 feet. It’ll be done in 2011, and will set you back a cool 33.5 M. Seems like a perfect option for your next adventure vacation or deadly serious boat trip.