A few weeks ago, we interviewed Playboy Playmate and Bunny Alison Waite. After talking about cigars, poker and dating, the conversation turned toward the ins and outs of the Playboy Bunny costume, which involves much more than meets the eye. So, in honor of Miss Waite, The Playboy Club and Bunnies in general, here are 12 fun facts she told us, accompanied by fun photos, of course.

“There are several different colors of Playboy Bunny costumes. If you’re Playmate of the Year, you get to select your color.”

“They come in every color of the rainbow. There’s even a leopard.”

“I’m a blue Bunny. Even my shoes are blue. They have to be dyed to match.”

“We don’t own our costumes. They’re kept in a Playboy studio in Santa Monica.”

“There’s a bunny mother who tends to all the costumes. She washes all of them by hand.”

“They’re made for our own bodies. They’re tailored to be very form-fitting. Essentially it’s a corset.”

“There’s a seamstress, her name is Jean, and she creates the costumes. I have been at her house for many hours. She knows me very well.”

“When you’re in, you’re strapped in. I’ve had to borrow costumes in the past and it wasn’t so fun.”

“We’re not allowed to eat or drink when we’re wearing the costume. You may have sips of water with a straw.”

“But actually, you don’t want to drink anything when you’re wearing it, because you have to get out of it, eventually.”

“Not every Playmate gets to be a Bunny. Only if you’re a working Playmate and they feel that you would do the costume proud.”

“At any given time there are maybe 50 Bunnies. When I put that costume on, I feel honored. It is something special.”