In an interview with CNN’s New Day on Tuesday, Vice President Joe Biden attacked Donald Trump’s stamina, wagering that the Republican candidate couldn’t even make it through a round of golf lugging his own golf bag without a caddy.

“I’ll bet he couldn’t carry his bag 18 holes on one of his own golf courses,” Biden said.

The insult sounds like one that is perhaps more appropriate for a locker room, but if we’re going to go there, we’d like to offer the following insults to Mr. Biden. For free. You’re welcome.

  1. “I bet he can’t pee six feet out in front of himself. His prostate couldn’t handle it.”
  2. “I bet he couldn’t survive a conversation with my grandmother.”
  3. “I bet he couldn’t eat an entire Trump Steak.”
  4. “I bet he couldn’t watch all of the Star Wars prequels in one sitting.”
  5. “I bet he couldn’t make it through a road trip from LA to San Francisco sitting between two teenagers.”
  6. “I bet he couldn’t make it up the steps of Trump Tower.”
  7. “I bet he can’t even sit through an entire lunch with Marla Maples.”
  8. “I bet he couldn’t walk us through his tax return in one session.”
  9. “I bet he couldn’t make it from New York to Florida in economy class.”
  10. “I bet he couldn’t sit through one of Kim Jong Un’s North Korean army demonstrations.”
  11. “I bet he can’t bench press Donald Jr. and Eric’s hunting trophies.”
  12. “I bet he can’t make it through one course at Trump University.”