Times are tough, yo. From the moment you started reading this article, the NASDAQ dropped another 92 points. No one is making much bread around here—so now might not be the time to splurge. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality when spending hard-earned cash. Here are some equally good, cost-effective alternatives, big and small, to the things you want. (Exhibit A: Can you guess which of these blazers costs $630 less than the other?) Do all of them and you’ll save at least—wait for it—$76,786. Believe us, we were shocked too.

You want: Woolrich Woolen Mills flannel shirt ($295)
Go with: Carhartt flannel shirt ($44)

You want: Rag & Bone jeans ($200)
Go with: Levi’s 501 jeans ($50)

You want: breast implants for your girlfriend ($5,000)
Go with: Victoria’s Secret push-up bra ($50)

You want: Nike Air Max Trainers ($160)
Go with: K-Swiss Tubes 100 ($80)

You want: American Crew styling gel ($25)
Go with: AXE Hold + Touch ($8)

You want: Hickey Freeman blazer ($700)
Go with: H&M blazer ($70)

You want: Hair transplant ($20,000)
Go with: Beard (free!)

You want: A Bathing Ape varsity jacket ($1,158)
Go with: your old high school letter jacket (also free!)

You want: BMW 5 Series ($60,000)
Go with: Subaru Impreza ($17,500)

You want: NFL season tickets ($5,000-plus)
Go with: MLS season tickets ($1,000)

You want: One-bedroom apartment in New York ($2,500 per month)
Go with: One-bedroom apartment in Chicago ($1,000 per month)

You want: a week in Spain ($10,000)
Go with: two weeks in Nicaragua ($3,000)