Women have a lot of pet peeves. They also have a lot of expectations. And there is nothing wrong with that.

One example includes how much women hate bad texters. In a day and age where more people text than pick up the phone, it’s even harder to communicate effectively. If you want to keep her happy, do yourself a favor and avoid the following texting faux pas.

1. Meredith, 40: “There are some things you can’t joke about via text. If I tell him I’m making his favorite meal for dinner and he says he’s at happy hour gorging on burgers just to toy with me, I’m going to take him seriously and not cook anything for his ass.”

2. Reese, 27: “It’s when they don’t respond at all. Even if I say, ‘Make sure to pick up some wine,’ he still needs to respond to let me know he got it. And If I say, ‘I love you, babe,’ just because I know he loves me too doesn’t mean he shouldn’t just take the time to message me back with something sweet.”

3. Jennifer, 27: “When he responds with ‘k’ after I tell him off.”

4. Callie, 30: “Mass texts are the worst! Just because we’re not exclusive doesn’t mean I can’t tell when you’re sending the same ‘Hey! How’s your weekend going? Mine’s great. Wanna get a drink?’ text to like four different girls. It’s robotic and impersonal.”

5. Alexandra, 39: “When he doesn’t respond to my texts all day or night, and then at 2 am he says, ‘Come over.’”

6. Tara, 22: “When his texts have no personality. Give me some emojis, an exclamation point, an ellipsis. I don’t want your dry shit.”

7. Kim, 33: “’Send me a picture of your boobs.’”

8. Ivonne, 29: “When he sends a dick pic and I definitely did not ask for one. If I wanted one, I’d ask. If you really want to send me one, ask if I’m cool with it.”

9. Corrine, 36: “When he can’t spell correctly. If you text this much and still don’t know how to use the right forms of ‘there, their and they’re’ or ‘to and too,’ then pick up the phone. It’s distracting.”

10. Sara, 28: “When he doesn’t respond for hours. Even if the read receipt doesn’t show up, I know damn well you took your phone to the bathroom multiple times throughout the day. Plus, I’ve seen how addicted you are to your social media. Busted, dude.”

11. Theresa, 40: “I just think it’s weird when a grownass man finds the need to use abbreviations, like ‘np’ instead of just saying ‘no problem.’”

12. Julie, 28: “When his idea of getting in touch is a text that starts with ‘sup,’ it’s like he is trying to get me to initiate the entire conversation.”

Photo: Getty Images/SIphotography