“There’s two things I really like to do and that’s whoop ass and look good.” So proclaims the Notorious Conor McGregor. For those unfamiliar, he’s basically the Notre Dame Fighting Irish logo come to life, if the leprechaun channeled Andy Kaufman during his World Intergender Wrestling Champion days.

Much as an older, humbler opponent positively demolished Ronda Rousey last month, the Brazilian featherweight great Jose Aldo—generally acknowledged as the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist in the world—was supposed to break McGregor.

Except Conor McGregor lived up to his crazy prediction of a win by first-round knockout… with four minutes, 47 seconds to spare: it took 13 seconds to transform him from mouthy Irish dude to victorious psychic.

In hindsight, maybe we shouldn’t have been surprised, because McGregor does everything fast: he went from welfare recipient to earning millions of dollars for seconds of fight time in just two years. Here are other speedy McGregor moments, as he has proven again and again to be a man who never met a crowd he can’t electrify or an opponent he can’t infuriate…

1. Leave the Octagon Post-Fight!
Time: 11 seconds
McGregor quickly recognized the equation “fame=title shot”, so following his UFC Fight Night 59 knockout victory, he created a moment that overshadowed the actual bout as he leaped out of the cage and confronted then-champ Jose Aldo in the audience. (Aldo seems amused by McGregor: He would be less charmed as time passed.)

2. Answer An Insulting Question!
Time: 8 seconds
Poor Chad Mendes. The future McGregor opponent’s mocking question, “Conor, do you know what wrestling is?”—wrestling is believed to be McGregor’s kryptonite as a fighter— backfires horribly as McGregor helpfully informs the shorter Mendes, “I can rest my balls on your forehead.” Go to 55 seconds to see McGregor engage in some confusing wordplay—“rest” seems to be playing off “wrestle”—that is still undeniably emasculating.

3. Get a Press Conference Going!
Time: 5 seconds
Athletes generally hate media obligations. (Makes sense—we’re pretty awful.) At the beginning of this clip, most of the assembled UFC stars seem to be struggling to stay awake. Then Chad Mendes—now fresh off a knockout loss to McGregor—again needles the Notorious One. Starting at 1:17, a grinning McGregor cheerfully yells, “I butchered your face! I KO’ed you! You were curled up like a bitch!” And the room’s vibe goes from “sleepy” to “weird.”

4. Use Sign Language!
Time: 7 seconds
Sometimes McGregor doesn’t need words. When Dennis Siver, a veteran of over 30 fights, declines to touch gloves before the bout, McGregor subtly lets him know he’s bothered by the lack of manners. (McGregor would further express his frustration by knocking him out in the second round.)

5. Alienate the Good People of Rio!
Time: 12 seconds
On the world press tour promoting the Aldo fight in Jose’s hometown, McGregor enters, kicks up his feet, and announces, “I own this town!” at 1:04. While he would go on to say much, much more, by the time McGregor muses about how in a “different time” he would “invade [Aldo’s] favela on horseback”, the mission has already been accomplished.

6. Alienate the Good People of California!
Time: 6 seconds
McGregor gets the most softball of softball questions—“You like California so far?”—and he craps on everyone.  Seriously, he must be channeling Andy Kaufman, right?

7. Alienate the Good People of the Deep South!
Time: 12 seconds
Straight out of Louisiana, Dustin Poirier would get knocked out by McGregor in the first round, but first he inspires one of McGregor’s strangest rants (starting at 3:10): “He’s a quiet little hillbilly from the back-arse of nowhere. I have nothing against the guy, know what I mean? I’m sure he grew up in a circus or a fair. You know he’s a nice little kid. Cletus. His cousin’s probably named Cletus.”

8. Remove His Hat!
Time: 5 seconds
McGregor is a master at transforming weigh-ins from something not inherently interesting—hey, it’s men stepping on scales—into full-on events. Feeding off the Dublin crowd’s energy, at 24 seconds opponent Diego Brandao lets out a cry that walks the line between scary and silly. At 55 seconds, McGregor responds… by throwing his hat at Brandao. Brandao flinches by bending over to grab it and McGregor’s first-round KO feels inevitable.

9. Knock Out Mike Wood!
Time: 16 seconds
OK, it’s longer than 13 seconds by an undetermined amount of time (our crack research department is looking into the manner), but still bizarre that a bout between a then unknown/strangely tattoo-free McGregor and another unknown back in 2011 features more action than the future mega-fight.

10. Knock Out Patrick Doherty!
Time: 4 seconds
McGregor’s fight right after the Mike Wood bout. Take heart, Aldo: You lasted three times longer than this fellah did.

11. Take Aldo’s Belt! (The First Time)
Time: 12 seconds
On that same Aldo promotional world tour (but now on McGregor’s turf: Dublin), a translator talks trash on behalf of a not terribly interested Jose as his championship belt rests near by… and suddenly McGregor springs into action. It’s obnoxious, childish, and damned if it isn’t delightful.

12. Concisely-Yet-Precisely Predict How Aldo Would Lose!
Time: 5 seconds
Yep, McGregor called it. Stick around a few more seconds for a surreal tribute to Snoop.

13. State a Life Philosophy!
Time: 4 seconds
Coming at 2 minutes 39 seconds, he announces what has come to be his motto (and inspired a pretty kick-ass mural): “We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over.” So far, so good.