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You’ve probably been told that your 20s will be the best years of your life. As someone in their 30s, I can tell you honestly that nothing could be further from the truth. Here are 13 reasons you’ll love your 30s.


13. There are no judgments
People in their 30s are busy dealing with getting engaged, getting married, and getting pregnant. So they don’t have nearly as much time to pass judgment on the things you wear, the music you listen to, or the people you hang out with. By the time you hit your 30s, you pretty much know who you are, what you like, and what you don’t. Now you can relax and embrace your secret love for My Little Pony, because honestly, nobody cares, bro.


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12. You develop excellent “Crazy Radar”
Sure, that beautiful girl rambling on at the party about how much she loves cocaine and her stalker ex-boyfriend sure does seems like a lot of fun when you’re in your 20s! But now you know better.


Alain Delon drinking
11. You become a professor of booze
Back in college, you tried every possible nasty liquor combination ever known to man, from Jägerbombs to shots of Green Chartreuse. We get it: you were hardcore, broke and had no discerning taste. Fast forward just a few years and you’ll gain tremendous respect for fine wine and develop an encyclopedic knowledge of whiskey. It’ll happen overnight — or after a particularly bad hangover.


10. You develop a sudden and deep appreciation for Steely Dan
One day it just happens. You’re driving along in your car and a Steely Dan song that you’ve probably heard a million times comes on the radio. But this time it’s different, you can’t put your finger on it, but holy crap isn’t “Deacon Blues” is one of the best songs ever made? Yeah it is.


9. You no longer debate partying vs. staying in
In your 30s, you’ll rarely find yourself at a crappy late night house party, convincing yourself that this one night will be the most epic Harold & Kumar life changing event of your life. It sounds crazy, but you’ll find a deep appreciation for staying home, kicking back, and chilling — not even like a villain, but like a common, law-abiding man.