A Kanye Nobel Prize and other bet-able stuff with better than 5,000 to 1 odds.

In the 128-year history of what is now called the English Premier League, Leicester City Football Club had never been crowned champs. The club was in the division below just two years ago and in a relegation battle last season.

In an attempt to induce somebody to put money on them, betting sites laid out 5,000 to 1 odds on them winning the 2015-2016 trophy.

Now, thanks to the truly incredible title run by 22-goal scorer Jamie Vardy and friends, they must pay. The William Hill chain declared they will be “a lot more careful if offering that price” and Paddy Power issued a statement admitting, “In hindsight, we were idiots.”

In recognition of this jaw-dropping payout, witness 13 events you could have wagered on—and in some cases, still can!—with better odds than the Foxes doing what they did.

1,000 to 1: U.S. Men’s Hockey wins gold in 1980. (Yup, an outright Miracle was five times more likely.)

1 in 20: Leicester finishes in bottom three and gets relegated. (That’s right, you’d have to bet 20 bucks to win a dollar on this sure thing.)
18 to 1: Bob Dylan wins Nobel Prize for Literature.
80 to 1: John Kasich wins presidency.
100 to 1: Donald Trump wins Nobel Peace Prize.
300 to 1: St. Louis Rams win Super Bowl XXXIV. (Which, thanks to former grocery clerk Kurt Warner, they actually did.)
400 to 1: 76ers winning the NBA title at the start of 2015-16.
500 to 1: Kanye West wins Nobel Peace Prize.

kanye west

500 to 1: Wayne Rooney wins Nobel Peace Prize.
500 to 1: Loch Ness Monster discovered this year.
1,000 to 1: U.S. Men’s Hockey wins gold in 1980. (Yup, an outright Miracle was five times more likely.)
2,000 to 1: Elvis found alive this year.
2,000 to 1: Kim Kardashian wins presidency.
4,000 to 1: Pope becomes professional soccer player, joins Glasgow Rangers.


Thinking of betting on LCFC to win it all again? ESPN’S Darren Rovell reports that the numbers aren’t quite as astronomical: “Last night, Ladbrokes opened Leicester City as 33 to 1 to repeat as Premier League champs. Betting on Foxes has pushed odds to 25 to 1.”