Imagine being a 13-year-old boy and meeting Bart Simpson. A middle school student named James got exactly that surprise while selling chocolate for a school fundraiser.

OK, we get it. You can’t literally meet a freaking cartoon, but the kid did run into Nancy Cartwright. She’s the actual voice actress behind the infamous character on The Simpsons.

“Do you know who the voices [are] on that show?” Cartwright asked the teen before transitioning into Bart’s voice, as shown in the video of the interaction. “Well, shake my hand ’cause…” she said before the stunned guy’s jaw almost fell and hit the ground.

So cool, right? Not only did she make his day by getting her Bart on for him, but she also bought 10 chocolate bars. She gave him a hug, and proof of their meeting with an autograph, too.

“I don’t know who was more excited, him or me, I swear,” she said as she drove away. “I’m just so lucky, so, so lucky.”

Cartwright also tweeted, “Awe, James and I went ‘viral’ on Facebook…having such fun reading all of your comments! Thanks for all the support guys! Cowabunga!” She added on Instagram, “Hope you enjoy James’ reaction as much as I did.”