Last week, we got an email from a dude named Gabriel that read, “Hey, would you consider a photo gallery submission of the Kandy Kruise for MadeMan?” For the uninformed, the Kandy Kruise is an insane three-day boat party featuring world-class DJs, gallons of booze and, well, over a thousand really hot chicks. This may shock you, but we responded, “Yes!” And we can assure you, the fun facts and exclusive photos—featuring costumes, dresses, bikinis and a little bit o’ latex—that the Karma Foundation sent us do not disappoint. See what we mean on the following pages.

BONUS: Click all the way through to the end to see a special promo for Made Man readers. It involves a Playboy Bunny. No joke.

Total female guest count: 1,300.

Female to male ratio: 3 to 2

Gallons of latex used to paint girls: Just enough.

Total wattage of sound: 100,000

Number of hot blondes in attendance: A helluva lot.

Over 500 bottles of champagne were sold on the cruise.

Over 1500 bottles of Vivid Vodka were sold, as well.

Over 200 Rockstar Energy Drink bikinis were given away (and then worn).

Nearly 20,000 bottles of Rockstar Recovery Drink were consumed.

Approximately 48 countries were represented among the revelers.

Over 5,000 girls applied to be a part of the cruise.

Who she’s looking at: Right now, YOU.

Like what you see? Learn more at and It’s not too late to get tickets for Kandy Halloween 2011… at the Playboy freakin’ Mansion.

And here’s the special promo we mentioned. When ordering tickets, enter Gabriel’s invite code: PR 9469. Quoth Gabe: “If Made Man readers buy at least 10 tickets, a Bunny will personally give them a tour of the mansion grounds, either night.” Now, don’t say we never hooked y’all up…