It seems that the cooler the product, the more fun the advertising. Hence beer and condom ads being great, while prune juice, Depends diapers, and used car ads being just disgusting and sad.

Here are 14 of our favorite condom advertisements in print. Stay tuned for a list of condom tv commercials to come (!) later.

1.) Does Anyone Really Use Flavored Condoms? [Billy Boy]

2.) Good Luck Finding Three Matching Socks! [Manix]

3.) Get It? The Stork Is Delivering Mail, Not Babies. Also, That Sun Is A Jerk. [Durex]

4.) Sudoku? What A Nerd!…Who Scores With Hot Chicks. [LoveMachine]

5.) This Is Probably Targeted At The Gay Audience, Right? [LifeStyles]

6.) The Anticipation Of Popping Champagne Is Always Better Than The Actual Taste Of It. [Durex]

7.) Ouch, Major Burn! Making Fun Of Unwanted Pregnancies Rules! [Durex]

8.) Going After The Army Men Cheating On Their Wives/Girlfriends Market. [Kama Sutra]

9.) Scare Your Customers Into Using Condoms. No One Wants To Screw To Death…Do They? [Tulipan]

10.) This Is What The Movie Ghost Should Have Been Like. Crazy for Swayze! [Manix]

11.) These Are Subway Gates You Have to ‘Pass Through’. With Her Underwear Still On, Really? [Durex]

12.) No Words, Except Maybe A ‘You’re Doing It Wrong’ Fail Stamp? [PlaySafe]

13.) Very Straight Forward. This Guy Is Looking For His Shoes (Above #2) [Durex]

14.) I Can Practically HEAR That Horrible Balloon Animal Squeaking Noise. [Durex]

Any other great condom ads we left out? Feel free to post links in the comments section or e-mail me.

Super thanks to copyranter, Animal NY, and InventorSpot