We may be halfway through summer, but there’s still plenty of time for grilling and partying before fall hits.  And of course, with summer celebrating must come summer music. Don’t have time to build a playlist? Fear not: Made Man is here with 14 tracks that will get your party started this summer. Scroll all the way down to listen to the playlist right on Spotify.

“Maps” by Maroon 5
Maroon 5 is either back or never went away, depending on whom you ask. Regardless, you can rock this summer jam while you reminisce and catch up with your old college friends. It’s a great slow-burner that fits both the “casual conversation” and the “two-beers-in” stages of the party.

“Summer” by Calvin Harris
It’s called “Summer.” It’s by Calvin Harris. It’s got a killer video with badass muscle cars racingand a pumping beat. Great for hot and sweaty dancing as the day turns into night—and great for when people show up to give your party the right energy and vibe.

“Drive-In Movies” by Ray LaMontagne
Grilling and baseball and… drive-in movies.These are the things that make summer. Ray LaMontagne uses this track to get down with growing up in a small town and everything that’s great about being young in the summer: Getting in trouble, falling in love and heading down to the drive-in.

‘Brasil’ is one baller track that will have even the most dead-legged, wall-hugging guest tapping his toes on the way to the dance floor.

“Love Never Felt So Good” by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake basically is Michael Jackson, at least from a vocal standpoint, so it’s kind of a bummer the pair never got to team up in real life. The good news is that through the power of modern production, they’ve released an R&B banger duet perfect for summer 2014.

“Rum” by Brothers Osborne
Ah, therarest of beautiful creatures—the country beach song. This is how you do it, gents: Head down to the beach, hang out getting nothing done, grill a little at night, crack some beers and, of course, don’t forget to bring some high-quality rum.

“How Good Does It Feel” by Empires
A little creepy, a little up-tempo—this is the type of indie rock that makes you think back to days of sitting on the roof of your first real apartment, tipping back beers, laughing in the face of danger. Play this one when your friends with kids leave and ‘real’ adult time starts.

“Boom Clap” by Charlie XCX
No summer playlist would be complete without a totally stupid but totally awesome pop gem. This one is just that track for 2014. Pop it on the playlist and see if it doesn’t get the female guests at your next party bouncing around on a makeshift dance floor.


“Tennis Court” by Lorde
Sometimes the party beats need to slow down a little bit, but they can’t slow your party down. This track from Lorde is just the thing for that moment when you need a lull in the tunes but not a lull in the action.

“#SELFIE” by The Chainsmokers

“Live on Genevieve” by White Fence
This weird pop track isn’t exactly a huge party banger. But you know what it is? That track you play for your friends that then gets stuck in their heads. They ask you who sings it and hunt it down. They listen to it all summer. They make memories associated with it—all thanks to you.

“Show You Off” by Dan + Shay
It’s the end of the night, the grilling is done, and you have a rare moment of alone-time with your girl. Press play on this slow-dance track and revel in the romance. Remember guys: It’s not all about jumping up and down. It’s also about making time for getting nice.

“Brasil” by Sante Les Amis
People may think you put this one on the playlist to seem cultured. But really, you put it on there because it’s one baller track that will have even the most dead-legged, wall-hugging guest tapping his toes on the way to the dance floor.

“Boys of Summer” by Papercuts
Weird and dreamy. Put this one on and watch your friends struggle to figure out who it is. It’ll be on the tip of their tongue until at least the first chorus.

“All of Me” by John Legend
This is what good R&B sounds like in 2014: a quiet piano behind soulful vocals. It might be a bit of a weeper, but you need to mix that in with the bangers for proper party dynamics.

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