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This Movember, we’re proud to present some of our favorite Moustache Hall of Fame honorees. Whether you’ve got fast-growing facial hair or still only shave a couple times per week, you can look to these men—from all walks of life and levels of follicle strength—for inspiration throughout the month. Not only do these men rock killer moustaches, they’ve also made meaningful contributions to culture and society. The world can use mo heroes like them. (See what we did there?)

Heavy Metal Mo: Lemmy Kilmister

Lemmy holds the distinction of having been in two of the world’s greatest bands, Hawkwind and Motörhead, and for successfully maintaining the connection between his mo and his burns for years.

Dope Mo: Cheech Marin 

We’re not really sure how Cheech Marin went from hanging out with Tommy Chong to hanging out with Hank Williams Jr. Probably had something to do with the moustache.

Grown-up Child Actor Mo: Josh Brolin 

People focus on the Corey Feldmans and Corey Haims of the child actor world. They never remember the Josh Brolins, who go from awesome kid movies like The Goonies to awesome adult movies like True Grit and No Country for Old Men.

Atomic Bomb Mo: Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein uprooted Newton to make his mark on modern physics. How did he do it? The power of a powerful moustache. Also, genius-level intellect.

He is The Walrus Mo: Sam Elliot 

The walrus moustache was popular in the age when presidents were Civil War veterans from Ohio. Sam Elliot carries it into the modern age in such contemporary classics as The Big Lebowski and Roadhouse.

Commander in Mo: Teddy Roosevelt

The last president to sport a ‘stache was William Howard Taft, but the trend hit its high point with Teddy Roosevelt, arguably America’s most badass prez.

Swashbuckler Mo: Errol Flynn

If you grow this kind of moustache, you’re going to need to know how to wield a sword and swing from chandeliers.

All-Star Mo: Keith Hernandez 

Keith Hernandez’s moustache is so powerful, it kept the sun out of his eyes while playing ball. Seriously. Google that shit.

Modern Moses Mo: Martin Luther King Jr. 

Martin Luther King Jr. is a man who will be remembered not just for his leadership role in the Civil Rights Movement, but also for his fine moustache-grooming skills.

Digital Mo: Mario Mario 

Mario Mario, alongside his brother Luigi Mario, has saved more princesses from certain destruction than any other man on earth. Never mind one-up mushrooms; it’s the moustache that kept him going.

Dirty Mo: John Waters 

John Waters redefined the limits of bad taste with classics like Pink Flamingoes and Female Trouble. He redefined class with the pencil moustache that’s now almost synonymous with his name.

Lando Mo: Billy Dee Williams

Much like Colt 45, Billy Dee Williams knows that a well-groomed moustache works every time.

Action Mo: Charles Bronson 

Charles Bronson did all the same things Chuck Norris did—with a moustache.

Funny Mo: Richard Pryor

No man will ever be as funny as Richard Pryor. The guy basically invented calling out the establishment through jokes, and he did it with one hell of a moustache.

Lifetime Achievement Mo: Burt Reynolds 

Burt Reynolds. Need we say more?

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