Well, 2017 sure was one for the books. We survived a year with Trump and the world miraculously didn’t burst into flames—just California. Just two days into the year, someone changed the Hollywood sign to Hollyweed. La La Land mistakenly won the Academy Award for Best Picture over Moonlight, after which their award was awkwardly revoked. Dozens of entertainment and media personalities were laid low over sexual misdeeds. Frye Festival happened—or didn’t happen.

And the Ken doll was given a hipster makeover.

Men also got a makeover; let’s not forget the romper trend, RompHim. It seems that women didn’t hate the male romper as much as the following, however. Here are 15 trends they hope to see go in 2018.

1. Valerie, 25: “I really am tired of the flannel and puffed Columbia vest. All I can think of is fratty douche bros when I see it.”

2. Emma, 27: “Athleisure is a thing now and I’ve come to terms with that. But when men wear sweatpants that are formal enough for the office, it’s confusing and lazy. Pick one.”

3. Valmira, 25: “The haircut with the one thin line going down the side—that haircut is still somehow popular and it’s been like three years now.”

4. Jessie, 25: “No more beanie hats in the heat of summer. You’re either drenched in sweat underneath or wearing it drooping off the back of your head trying (and failing) to make it work. It’s like wearing shorts in 30-degree weather—you look seasonally challenged.”

5. Rachel, 26: “Why are grown-ass men wearing overalls? Unless you’re about to harvest some corn, fuck off.”

6. Nikki, 23: “Retro sportswear is finding its way into closets everywhere. That needs to stop happening.”

7. Gianna, 28: “Abercrombie was cool in the early 2000s and, for some God forsaken reason, it’s making a comeback. No.”

8. Liz, 26: “Dudes should not be wearing velour.”

9. Kelsey, 25: “I would like to see men remove man buns, cheating, lying and their small dicks from their lives in 2018. Chop it off if you have to—I’m done being disappointed. And Ted Cruz can go, too.”

10. Amanda, 29: “Track suits—especially dressed up. Wear them to work out if you must.”

11. AnnaMarie, 25: “Adidas slides are apparently no longer just for high school athletes to slip on when they kick off their cleats. I’m hopeful I see a lot less of them next year.”

12. Becca, 30: “Hawaiian shirts were funny in college. They’re not cute on grown men.”

13. Colleen, 26: “Those hipster glasses with circle frames—they’re so unflattering.”

14. Dana, 25: “Man buns.”

15. Sam, 30: “Please stop this trend of looking homeless. Everyone is walking around with baggy shirts, holes in their jeans and old-school, dirty sneakers thinking they look grunge or something. It’s not cool. Do your laundry.”

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus/Wavebreakmedia