1. Gambling is a sure way to lose money. The only way to make money is to work for it or have some to start with.

2. Never judge a person by how they dress. Judge them by their hair.

3. There is only one way to lose weight. Move more eat less.

4. Simply sitting down and having a 20 minute conversation with your child every day is one of the best things you can do for them.

5. Most people that say the couldn’t accomplish something because the didn’t have enough time , wasted 4 times the amount of time needed to accomplish that task by doing something meaningless.

6. If people would treat others as nice as they treat their pets, the world would be a better place.

7. Take more pictures of your children from ages 5-15. Continue to take pictures after child number 1. Most people can’t prove they existed between 5 and high school graduation. Some 2nd and 3rd born can’t prove they existed at all

8. An excellent chip shot will get you further in life than a good jump shot.

9. The people that constantly tell you they are better than you are the people that actually aren’t.

10. Good looking people are more successful. Successful people no longer need their looks.

11. You are born with one thing that you will have forever. Your word. Don’t say unless you mean it.

12. 99% of the things you do, you will look back on and realize none of them were a big deal. Unfortunately you can tell which 1% of it will.

13. If someone offers you money for doing a good job, take it. Nobody gives someone money unless they thought you earned it.

14. Life is better when you have friends but friends you meet at work generally will only be friends as long as you work with them.

15. Music is so meaningful that most of us can remember where we were in life when a certain song came out. Always make time for music.

16. Live life like you are going to die tomorrow but save like you are going to live forever.