No two relationships are exactly alike, but most women want at least some of the same things. Research shows that women largely look for physical attractiveness, displays of wealth, intelligence, athletic ability, humor, compassion, empathy, kindness and, ultimately, good potential husbands and fathers.

Scientists have narrowed it down to the “three gees”—good genes, good providers and good fathers. Of course, their research is always looking at the long-term. The day-to-day of a relationship is what really counts, so we asked women to share what their ideal companion would look like on the daily.

Here, 17 real women put it simply in just one sentence each.

1. Alex, 26: “Looking for a man who will cook for me every night.”

2. Kendal, 25: “A man who doesn’t speak would be great—kidding, kinda…”

3. Grace, 28: “I need someone who’ll bring a bottle of fancy wine when I take him home to my parents, but who won’t be so vanilla in the bedroom—like pull my hair and make me call him daddy.”

4. Kara, 29: “It sounds cliché but I can talk about and through anything with my boyfriend, because we’re each other’s go-to people and number one priorities.”

5. Liz, 25: “Someone who will go down on me every night and then take me to breakfast every single morning.”

6. Rachel, 25: “Loyalty and honesty are the biggest things for me because I never want to have to worry about anything or second guess things.”

7. Corinne, 24: “I know I need someone who will go out with me and I can leave him with my friends on his own and he’ll have a good time without being stuck to my hip.”

8. Lauren, 25: “He let’s me hook up with whoever I want whenever I want but he’s totally monogamous.”

9. Sara, 25: “An ideal relationship would be a challenging one because I love a man who knows what he wants, pursues his ambitions and pushes me to be better, too.”

10. Carrie, 27: “I need a man who will get outside with me, go running in the mornings, go hiking on the weekends and always be down for an active adventure.”

11. Caitlin, 27: “Morning sex before work (he ideally has a job, too) every single day.”

12. Nicole, 22: “An ideal relationship would entail a lot of home-cooked meals, Friday night dates, crying only from laughing too hard, no snoring and reciprocated sexual favors.”

13. AnnaMarie, 25: “My ideal relationship would be to travel all over the world together and never get on each other’s nerves while doing it.”

14. Erin, 26: “I want someone who trusts me enough to give me space, respects my privacy and isn’t too needy or insecure.”

15. Bridget, 25: “Just laugh at my jokes—that’s all I need.”

16. Kate, 25: “Being able to poop with the door open.”

17. Emily, 30: “The ability to have intelligent, real conversations is key for me.”

Photo: Corbis/Arman Zhenikeyev