The dating company Just Lunch recently released a survey with surprising results. Apparently, young singles don’t care what a woman looks like. Over 70 percent of respondents reported chemistry and good conversation as the most attractive qualities in a partner. This got us to thinking about weird-looking women. You know the type: she makes you need a cold shower, yet you’re afraid mention her to your friends. This isn’t the oft-maligned “butterface” we’re talking about here. This is when a lady looks like a really hot space alien, or she got hit with the ugly stick so many times it made her hot again. Everyone has the celeb crush he can never fully explain. Here are 17 we approve of, but aren’t sure why.

Lady Gaga

It’s not just the outlandish outfits. Gaga kind of looks like a drag queen.

Paz de la Huerta

Paz, often referred to as “Pothy” in the press because it’s what her mother calls her, has a bizarre habit: she always matches her lipstick to her dress. Strange behavior is just one of many services offered by oddly hot women.

Amanda Seyfried

We’re not sure, but Amanda Seyfried may have been abducted from a camp of elves.


Has anyone else noticed that Rihanna kind of looks like someone used Photoshop to stick a 4-year-old’s face on an adult’s body?

Christina Ricci

Christina Ricci has a great body, but the saucer eyes and fivehead definitely give her a touch of “space alien.” We’re not stoked on the breast reduction she got, but we’re still in love.

Rosanna Arquette

Rosanna Arquette is the only woman on our list to have a Grammy-award winning song written about her. You know… the one by Toto.

Fairuza Balk

Obligatory. While often remembered for her role in The Craft, Made Man readers with a sharp eye will remember this oddly hot actress from her roles in Return to Oz, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and The Worst Witch. Also, The Waterboy.

PJ Harvey

She’s got some serious eyebrows problems, but when she puts on a little makeup and some slutty hipster clothes, we’re definitely seeing what Nick Cave saw in her.

Masuimi Max

With Maisuimi Max, it isn’t so much that her appearance is all that outlandish… not in 2011, anyway. It’s more that she looks like she’s a really weird girl. You wouldn’t be surprised if she brought you home and showed you her creepy doll collection before she bit your wang on purpose.

Mena Suvari

When we first met her, Mena Suvari was a typical American beauty (pun intended). Somewhere along the line she started looking like the manic-depressive girl from your high school art class who talked to herself.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg looks exactly like her father, if her father were reborn as a hot chanteuse. It’s not surprising Serge rubbed off on her—she recorded with him for the first 15 years of her life.

Uma Thurman

Strangely enough, this odd-looking beauty was a cheerleader in high school. She joined the squad to rebel against her hippie parents.


Not many people know that Björk got her start in anarchist punk band KUKL (the Icelandic word for “witch”), who appeared on Crass Records and toured with Flux of Pink Indians. For what it’s worth.

Sarah Silverman

Get some rubber sheets if you bring Sarah home from the bar. She was a bed wetter for many years. So in addition to being the bizarrely funny girl in high school, she was apparently also the girl who smelled like pee.

Liz Phair

There’s something about a woman who stinks of sex from a mile away. When you’re writing songs like “H.W.C.” you’re pretty much announcing to the world that you’re that chick.

Zoe Saldana

Some people are hot even when playing a literal alien in a motion-capture suit. No matter what species Zoe is, we would, but as a human she’s more than a little feline looking.

Lily Allen

It’s sort of like someone mixed Dee Dee Ramone’s DNA with Ronnie Spector’s to make a weirdly hot girl on purpose.

Steve Buscemi

Being strange looking and hot isn’t just for the ladies. Recent surveys indicate that over 80 percent of women want to ride Steve Buscemi like a mechanical bull provided none of their friends find out. Obviously that statistic is entirely fabricated, but you get our point.