Men are “supposed” to be very masculine—to be the knight in shining armor who picks bar fights when someone is all up on their chick. But here’s the thing, it’s taken way too far sometimes.

If you’re trying to be the picture of manliness to impress women, or other dudes, you might just be making everyone’s eye rolls.

Don’t believe it? We asked 17 women to tell us what “manly” things men do that annoy the hell out of them, and here’s what they had to say…

1. Danielle, 32: “Fondling their bits when talking to you, or anytime really. Seriously though, don’t make direct eye contact with me while you’re pulling taffy through your pocket.”

2. Simona, 27: “Failing to communicate their legitimate feelings about something, which then leads to illegitimate, disproportional outbursts.”

3. Joanna, 29: “Not going to the doctor when they really need to. Or refusing to see a therapist when they really need to.”

4. Hillary, 32: “Refusing to do things with you that might be too feminine, like watching chick flicks. Or buying you tampons… Oh and if he acts like a seven-year-old when talking about periods, he’s a douche. If he’s willing to have sex with you but not mature enough to be comfortable that you bleed every month, that’s annoying as hell.”

5. Erica, 25: “I get so annoyed when guys fart (or anyone). They just don’t even think about it…”

6. Nichole, 35: “Loud, roaring car and motorcycle engines—so obnoxious.”

7. Lauren, 30: “Gym selfies. Also not helping around the house with cleaning, kids, cooking, etc.”

8. Jenna, 36: “Yelling at the TV during sport programs.”

9. Johanna, 28: “Getting into fights with other men. It’s not manly; it’s childish.”

10. Donna, 60: “It is supposed to be respectful and manly to either walk next to a woman or directly behind her. It kills me when they are a mile ahead of me. Do they even know I am there?”

11. Ali, 27: “My significant other always tries to fix things around the house by himself, but when he can’t, he just gives up and leaves the pieces around until I put them away. Then, after maybe a month, he’ll call the handyman.”

12. Cori, 36: “Act tough around friends, and then super sensitive and sweet in private.”

13. Victoria, 55: “It’s just this aloof indifference where they just tune you out. They act like they’re doing something really important, but they’re just ignoring you.”

14. Karissa, 27: “Men who are loud at the gym.”

15. Kristen, 35: “Ordering the bottle of wine at dinner without getting your input.”

16. Austin, 31: “Not grooming… anywhere!”

17. Natalie, 37: “Off the top of my head? Farting, burping, making fun of you.”

Photo: Getty Images/lovro77