No one has to tell you that blowjobs feel good. You get to sit back, relax and let your partner take the reins without ever having to put in an ounce of work.

But have you ever wondered why some women initiate giving you that seemingly one-sided pleasure? We asked women of all ages to share their biggest reasons for wrapping their lips around your most sensitive part, and we found out that a lot of them actually get turned on by doing the deed, too.

Here’s why 18 women want to give oral…

1. Ali, 27: “It pleases my partner.”

2. Karen, 28: “It makes him happy, so he’ll stop humping my leg.”

3. Karissa, 27: “It puts us both in the mood.”

4. Sammi, 22: “I enjoy seeing how far you can take someone from O to climax!”

5. AJ, 35: “I do it if his dick won’t get hard, and I want to have sex.”

6. Katie, 29: “I like to get it extremely hard before he goes inside of me.”

7. Tami, 48: “I want oral reciprocated.”

8. Julie, 29: “It’s a rush, and a weird sense of accomplishment.”

9. Marie, 32: “He’s gone down on me for an hour, and I figure I should return the favor.”

10. Carla, 36: “I do it to score points if I need to make up for something—or if I want something.”

11. Brooke, 24: “It’s a confidence booster.”

12. Keely, 29: “My favorite part about oral is to get his dick really wet with my mouth before we have sex.”

13. Erica, 25: “Usually it’s because he’s been going down on me regularly, and I feel like I have to reciprocate just to prove I care.”

14. Quiana, 35: “I do it to get it back! And also because, if I don’t do it after a solid period of time, he’s totally up my ass—so I do it to get him to calm down.”

15. Jen, 31: “It’s fun when it’s a challenge to get them off.”

16. Sarah, 42: “It’s a great feeling to see the physical effect I have on another person.”

17. Kristen, 35: “I do it to get it slippery to put inside of me!”

18. Yvonne, 32: “I want to get the mood going!”

Photo: Getty Images/Tverdohlib