Don’t think of the Momentum Light Jacket from Eddie Bauer as a jacket. Think of it as a shoehorn into autumn in jacket form. Something that will ease you gently into the crisp fall days ahead.

I started wearing mine last week. I opted for the black-and-gray version, though there are attractive options in blue and “Inca gold” too. I can tell you, it’s the best light jacket I’ve ever owned. It looks good, first of all. This is due in part to the fit, which is not too slim or too baggy. Second of all, it sheds moisture so it doesn’t soak into whatever you’ve got on underneath it. And it continues being water-repellent, even after extensive use. (The technology is something called StormRepel DWR, in case you care.)

Now, if you order one, don’t expect a big, heavy garment. In terms of thickness, it’s tantamount to a Trojan BareSkin condom. But the upside: It takes up next to no room in your luggage when you’re traveling. That is, if you ever feel like taking it off, which you might not. $50,