With the royal wedding behind us–and Pippa Middleton’s behind constantly in front of us–it seems the Brits are all over the news. Hence, our list of the 19 hottest British babes.  No sense in mucking about, as they’d say.  Let’s get right to it. Click through to see them all.

19. Lily Allen

“Cheryl [Cole], if you’re reading this, I may not be as pretty as you but at least I write my own songs.”

Lily gets her signature sense of humor from being the daughter of famed British comedian, Richard Allen. She grew up in the primmest and properest of boarding schools, but that only served to sharpen her contrarian wit. Today she is known for her style and her sass, both of which make her one of the hottest British babes.

18. Vikki Blows

“Actually I wanted to be Kate Moss on the cover of Vogue, but I was too short”

Yeah, that’s her real name, by the way. Vikki Blows is unapologetically hot. She models because she’s “too lazy to get a proper job.” She dropped out of school at the wee age of 13 for mooning the head of her school (awesome). She’s the most-tattooed, most-piered British babe on this list, and she scares us just enough to make us want some more.

17. Michelle Ryan

It was really great fun. I’d normally played wicked girls who have a bad side or a dark side but Nimeuh is really evil. I mean she has been treated badly in the past but she’s still a bitch.

She’s had a few smallish roles in varying troupes and sketches, but Ryan is probably best known as the British Bionic Woman. It takes a normal human with a pretty perfect body to play a half-machine woman with a body engineered to be perfect. Good thing for everybody Michelle Ryan can fill that roll.

16. Rachel Weisz

“People find out I’m an actress and I see that ‘whore’ look flicker across their eyes.”

Rachel Weisz swashbuckled her way into our hearts and trousers with her roll as a femme-diana Jones type character in “The Mummy” alongside Brendan Fraser. Her derring-do and English accent charmed us, and were the only good parts of the ludicrously expansive franchise (except for “Curse of the Dragon Emperor,” that ish was tight).

15. Jennifer Metcalfe

Yeah. I used to have a huge crush on Peter Andre at school. I used to snog his poster.

Jennifer Metcalfe is a British soap darling who is slowly permeating the reality TV scene across the pond. She’s been in a gunfight (sort of), and while she used to date Jermaine Pennant, she is currently single and, presumably, ready to mingle. Just don’t cock your weapon too early.

14. Jessica-Jane Clement

I think conning is a very sexy thing. We are not glamorous conning, we are doing a service to the public. We are saying this goes on, so watch out for it. But when you think of Ocean’s Eleven, you think it is a sexy lifestyle.

Jessica-Jane Clement is a busty English glamour model of the first degree. She wasted no time posing nude in Playboy as soon as she turned 18. She studied theater and history in school, she’s had several smallish roles in film and television, but her most attractive work is, no doubt, in the field of modeling. (see the recent Lynx shoot above) Check it out and tell us we’re wrong.

13. Kelly Brook

“I’ve got boobs and a bum and if people think I’m fat, I honestly don’t care”

Kelly Brook does not mess around when it comes to dating bad asses. She dated Jason Statham for 7 years (later co-starring with him in “The Italian Job”), she was engaged for some time to iconic model Billy Zane, and now dates the footballer Danny Cipriani (starting shortly after Zane). Look out for this man-eater.

12. Rachel Stevens

“I’d love to break America, like all artists do. It’s a lot of work but, you know, it’s got to be done!”

Don’t feel to lascivious, but Rachel got her start in the tween pop group, S Club 7. Since, though, she’s done a lot of growing up. After S Club 7, she did a solo album called “Funky Dory” and then began to focus on her acting career. She’s been linked to Stephen Dorf and is currently dating footballer Freddie Ljungberg.

11. Frankie Sandford

“It can be really annoying if you’re falsely linked to other people.”

Frankie, like Rachel, has an S Club pedigree, and went on to perform in the slightly-more-mature girl group, The Saturdays. She was born Francesca, but goes by Frankie and it’s typical of her easy-going, guys’ guy style. Frankie is currently single, working on her singing, and looking super duper foxy. That is all.

10. Cheryl Cole

“I absolutely love my tattoos. The girls and I decided that the next time Girls Aloud have a No. 1, we`ll all get one done. I want us to get something that only makes sense if we all stand in line, though!”

Cheryl gained her initial fame by performing in Girl’s Aloud, a UK girl group akin to the Spice Girls, but gained a certain amount of infamy by dating the somewhat seedy Ashley “Cashley” Cole who was involved in several scandals throughout their relationship involving girls, drugs, and worst, generally bad play.

9. Abigail Clancy

“No one’s pleased that a fake WAG like Abi is auditioning (For ‘Britain’s Next Top Model’)”

Like a hybrid of several of the girls on this list, Clancy was in a UK girl band, she was in the UK version of “Next Top Model,” she’s dating an English footballer, and she’s got a perfect pair of breasts. Her most notable accomplishment? Being known as a partier in the above-mentioned company.

8. Billie Piper

“The more things you own, the more people you need to employ.”

Billie Piper is the lady in this list with the biggest musical chops with chart-topping singles “Because We Want To” and “Girlfriend,” and she’s also got an irresistible name. Those facets alone would catapult her into the deepest reaches of our collective spank bank (weird that it’s collective?), but she also happens to be smoking hot.

7. Keira Knightley

“Do you know that on all the sets I’ve been on, nobody has ever made a pass at me?”

Keira Knightley is the most-accomplished from a theatrical standpoint of the lovely ladies on this list. Her acting chops are unparalleled, she somehow remains model-thin despite confessing that she never works out. But, most importantly, she was in “Domino.” Good lord. What a fox.

6. Emma Watson

“I would act nude… it is part of my job.””

She may have started as the nerd-hottest witch of Hogwarts, but Emma has done a lot of growing up of late. Take, for example, her above quote. She’s finishing her contractual obligations to the wide world of J.K. Rowling with the final two movies of the series, and it’ll be interesting to see if she makes good on her implied, above promise.

5. Kate Beckinsale

“If someone had told me years ago that sharing a sense of humour was so vital to partnerships, I could have avoided a lot of sex!”

Kate is a British actress who was first introduced to American audiences through her role in “Pearl Harber,” then, they fell further in lust with her in 2003’s “Underworld.” She’s not just action-packed curves, though. Kate studied at the world-renowned Oxford University (though she did drop out to start acting).

4. Lucy Pinder

“Of course I love my breasts, we grew up together.”

Lucy Pinder, the flagship lady for the top-heave British glamour models that Her Majesty’s Empire is best known for, will forever remain curvaceously atop every list of British babes. Interstingly, she held out on the Great Topless Photoshoot for the first three years of her career. After that, though, she relented and unleashed her naked form to an ever-thankful public. We salute you, ma’am.

3. Gemma Atkinson

“All people ask about is boobs. It’s like the whole nation is obsessed with my boobs”

Gemma got her start in a British soap opera as a young woman called “Hollyoaks,” and became a glamour model shortly thereafter. Though, she has many admirable assets, Atkinson is best known for her breasts which started as 34Ds and have since been augmented to 36Es. She’s modeled for all the lad mags in the UK, and continues to do stellar, top-heavy work.

2. Rhona Mitra

“I never know if I want to be running across the fields with no clothes on or sitting in the pub drinking Guinness.”

Rhona Mitra grew up in London as a club kid going to all-night raves (awesome), then she realized that her capacity and desire to be in the public eye could not be subdued (awesome), so she attended drama school for a year and promptly became the face of Lara Croft (Seriously? Awesome). If you really want to see her masterwork, though, watch “Doomsday.”

1. Sienna Miller

“I went to an all-girls boarding school … We used to do stupid, fun girly things like streak through the lacrosse pitch.”

This British beauty is known for her tempestuous relationship with the handsome-despite-receeding-hairline Jude Law, her disdain for the sooty city of Pittsburgh, and her affinity for hallucinogenic mushrooms. Too much for you to handle? Maybe.

Royal Bonus! Kate Middleton

“He’s lucky to be going out with me.”

Kate Middleton became a household name overnight when it was announced that she would marry Prince William of England. Now this is a celebrity we don’t mind reading tabloids about.

Royal Bonus! Pippa Middleton

“She’s like a British Kardashian.” —George Lopez

She may not have married a prince, but Pippa Middleton is arguably even more attractive than her older sister, Kate. What’s more, she makes a point of avoiding the press and never gives interviews, lending Pippa a distinct air of mystery. Plus 10 points for being enigmatic.