ExoMars 2016—an orbiter and lander pairing that is part of a joint mission between the European and Russian space agencies—launched on Sunday and was set to arrive on Mars Wednesday. The orbiter appeared to be pulling in as planned but the fate of the lander remains unknown.

The spacecraft had been sending information back to the receiving station in Pune, India, and parachutes did deploy, but the European Space Agency has yet to receive radio signals from the lander that would confirm contact. They’re still waiting for data from a probe in Mars’ orbit, Mars Express, to relay more definitive information to Earth.

If successful, this would be the first European probe to soft land on Mars since the Soviet Mars 3, which lost signal within just 15 seconds of making contact in 1971. It will also help determine if life is possible on Mars, through an analysis of the atmospheric gases.

So, while we wait, we couldn’t help but to start thinking about what life would be like if—or when—we really start sending our humans. We’re dreaming of starting afresh in a utopian land far, far away. Yes, “utopian” is highly subjective, but can you really argue with our curated wish list?

1. Bounteous bikes lanes
2. Affordable college
3. Beer that doesn’t make you hung over
4. Four-day workweeks
5. No trans fats
6. No mosquitos
7. Hoverboards that don’t spontaneously combust
8. Gravity that keeps boobs and ball sacks from sagging
9. Unlimited PTO that isn’t just a mind-fuck
10. iPhones with earphone jacks
11. Free WiFi everywhere, without having to “join” something
12. Freezers that don’t cause freezer-burn
13. Methane-free drinking water
14. Cookie dough ice cream with generous dough balls2
15. Clothes that wash themselves
16. Wait staffs that don’t read off specials you were never going to order
17. No uber surcharges
18. A president who knows how to use email and talk about women
19. Unicorns