As you probably know by now, Movember is a wonderful charity that has guys grow moustaches to raise money and awareness to fight prostate and testicular cancer.

But what you might not be aware of is the fact Movember also champions the larger cause of men’s health and this year in particular is zeroing in on physical fitness with a 30-day challenge called MOVE.

That’s where two of New York City’s hottest trainers, Emily Cook Harris and Amanda Butler of The Fhitting Room, come in!


They’re the faces of a two-pronged promotion by the top-notch high-intensity training-based gym, which will be hosting two classes taught by Harris and Butler and open to males only.

All the proceeds from these beneFHIT classes will be donate to the Movember Foundation. Additionally, any males who are visiting The Fhitting Room for the first time can attend for free.


If you aren’t sold yet, we’ll just take a step back and let the ladies themselves—whom we had a blast shooting with—do the talking.

“With Movember being all about raising awareness for men’s health issues, we want to promote the fact that a group fitness environment is one of the ways you can be proactive with your health,” Harris explains. “The fitness group scene is more female-dominated, and we see a nice mix here at the Fhitting Room of men and women, so we wanted to show that it can be a man’s world as well as a woman’s world.”


“The Fhitting Room will be hosting two classes for men only on Saturday November 7th [available for booking Sunday, October 26th at 4pm] and Thursday November 19th [available for booking Sunday, November 8th at 4pm],” adds Butler. “Emily and I will be teaching together, just to really get the camaraderie and healthy competition going, and to promote the idea that, hey, you can get a kickass workout in a group fitness class. You don’t have to do it on your own.”

No word yet on whether Harris and Butler will be sporting moustaches for their classes but relax, they seem pretty fun without them too…


So what kind of workout is it, exactly? “The same strength and cardio, high-intensity of a Fhitting room workout,” answers Harris. “Where you are getting a full-body head-to-toe experience, you’ll feel like your heart rate is way up, you’re burning a lot of calories but you’re building muscle at the same time.”

“And…” concludes Butler. “You’re going to be led by two powerhouse females.” Considering these women are two of the fittest people we’ve ever met, we wouldn’t dream of arguing her point.

So if you’re in NYC in November, try a class. And if you aren’t, maybe check out the high-intensity group fitness options in your area. We just started doing it ourselves, and we’re feeling healthier and stronger already!