Phil Ivey, a professional poker player, made a huge $2 Million bet on the LA Lakers to win the NBA Playoffs this year. And with the Lakers losing the first two games to the Boston Celtics, Ivey was sweating big time.

The Tao of Poker blog recounts the evening last night when he witnessed Ivey competing in the preliminary rounds of the World Series of Poker while trying to keep track of the Lakers in game 3 of the series.

According to a post on the blog by Pauly:

Ivey was intensely sweating Game 3. He supposedly greased the guy with the remote to turn off the [WSOP] tournament clock and put the Lakers/Celtics game on instead…

…The game started right around 6pm. For the next three hours, Ivey could not sit still. He stood up a lot, paced back and forth, and constantly checked his crackberry. I had never seen so much emotion out of Ivey before. His usual expressionless face that was cool as a tenor sax solo from John Coltrane had disappeared and replaced by intervals of anxiety.

Check out some of these glorious photos of the man stressin’ out after the jump:

The rest of the photos and Ivey’s happy face when the Lakers won at Tao of Poker.

Yeah, the Lakers won Game 3 and Ivey was happy, but this guy has some serious balls. A $2 million bet is insane. Especially with the exposed and disgraced former NBA ref, Tim Donaghy, claiming that the NBA wanted him to fix games for better ratings, I wonder if bets like Ivey’s are coming under extra scrutiny. Could the guy know more than he’s letting on?

Yeah, I know, entirely unlikely. And Donaghy is definitely full of crap. But come on, a $2 million bet against the team (Celtics) with the best regular season record?

I think this bet got me more interested in the Finals.

Tao of Poker via Opening Bell