Baseball season is now in full swing—ba-dum-tshhh. And while you’re not playing in the big leagues, you’re still somewhat hopeful that you’ll be dubbed a sweet defensive name like “Death to Flying Things” in your near future. But you’ve still got some work to do at bat.

Take your game to the next level with the Easton Power Sensor from Motion By Blast. Attach the sensor to the knob of any brand or model bat with the attachment slip, and then capture, analyze and improve your swing via the precision swing motion sensor, which is always on. You can actually record video of your swings in the Easton Power Sensor app and Blast’s patented Smart Video Capture technology, which will automatically identify your swings and clip your video to create a series of HD highlights, overlaid with your metrics–swing speed, time to contact, swing direction, power, efficiency and more.

But maybe you’re not getting the power you want to see displayed in those videos and you want to improve your contact-hitting toward the gap or power-hitting to clear the fence. POWERHANDZ Baseball Pure Grip weighted training gloves distribute weight across the top side of your hands with gripped palms (similar to baseball batting gloves), to increase your bat control, power and speed. You’ll get there in no time.

Before you know it, you’ll be hitting home runs that’ll far surpass the myths of Mickey Mantle.