After digging up an old album cover in the basement I realized how bad some of the cover art was “back in the day”. Digging around the net and ebay I found these to be the 20 worst I could find.

“Something Special from Jeff” I found at Stone
You should have heard the tagline. ” The man, the hook, the voice”

I’m not going to make fun of three ugly blind girls. I just won’t

“Back to the Shit” With such songs listed as “Muffle that fart”, this is such a good album you can still buy it over at

“Sexucationation songs scientifically sung” is what the cover says. With such songs as “I never saw a crack like that” and “He’s a ball buster” there is a lot to be learned from Claudia

It took me 20 years of therapy to get over this album cover.

It’s not so much the tough gay scene that is so bad about this but the fact someone got it autographed

I thought this was a joke but he seems to be taking it pretty hard.

How many taboos can you show in one photo?

I think I missed the era of “Muscle Rock” I also like the guy to the right that has the look of “I want no part of this” look on his face

No wonder she went on to have mental problems later in life.

Nothing special here except for the GIGANTIC microphone
on the cover

Somebody call the police

Sheep loving was hot “back in the day”

I just love saying “Devastatin Dave, The Turntable Slave”

How cool is that.

I guess down south that is important as the 18th up here in the north

And they did

I think the pig got more action than the guy. Of course, the action might have been FROM the guy

It’s a little bit country while “City Church” is a little bit Rock n Roll.

Here’s those damn sheep again. The girl looks like she’s got dibs after the guy with the scarf.

Hay, muy caliente.