At your typical New York pizza joint, you can get a slice the size of your head for just a few bucks. So if you’ve got $2,000 to burn, that’s like, several hundred slices.

Or, here’s a thought: Put all two thousand of those George Washingtons toward one pizza. One decadent as hell pizza.

At least that’s what Industry Kitchen is hoping you’ll do. Because they’ve recently unveiled an over-the-top creation that’s elevating the humble NYC staple to unprecedented heights via fancy ingredients and 24-karat gold. And it’s available now for gourmands with too much money in their pockets.

The pizza begins with a wood-fired crust. From there, it’s topped with stilton cheese that’s flown in from England, French foie gras and truffles, heaping mounds of Ossetra caviar and 24-karat gold leaves that hail from Ecuador. So it’s a very international affair, and a very rich one at that.

If you want to try it for yourself, you’ve just got to order it 48 hours in advance to ensure they’ve got all the ingredients ready to go. Then bring some friends to share in the extravagance, or do the opposite of that and eat the whole damn thing by yourself.

You didn’t get this far by showing restraint.