100.    Rhona Mitra

“I never know if I want to be running across the fields with no clothes on or sitting in the pub drinking Guinness.”


99. Gisele Bundchen

“I don’t think anyone likes to see a picture of themselves in a tabloid, besides a couple people who I’m not going to mention.”



98. Gina Carano

“In my head, I’m like, I train and work out like everyone else. They like to tell you what you’re not. They like to keep you down, so they can get more out of you for their money. But fans don’t lie. When they’re all chanting your name, you know they’re supporting you.”



97. Maria Sharapova

“People seem to forget that Anna Kournikova isn’t in the picture anymore. It’s Maria’s Time now”



96. Kate Winslet

“Cameron Diaz could eat me under a table.”



95. Denise Richards

“Doing love scenes is always awkward. I mean, it’s just not a normal thing to go to work and lay in bed with your co-worker.”



94. Leighton Meester

“I found out that Lil Wayne is actually not that big and I don’t mean height!”



93. Catherine Bell

“I correctly predicted the score of the Superbowl before the game. How many people can say that?”



92. Cameron Diaz

"Is that hair gel?" 



91. Rachel Bilson

“It’s great playing someone who is not like me at all. I’m really a nice girl, so it’s fun to be a bitch, then come home and be myself again. When I meet people now, they’re surprised that I’m a good person.”