Before the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 was even delivered to my doorstep for the week I wanted to prove it could be a daily driver for any super car minded individual. Your life you were trained that “compromise” is just a way of life. You do it in your marriage and most likely at your job but Lamborghini answered the commute compromise for good.

Now sure, you can watch Top Gear and find out that the LP560-4 beat the Ferrari F-430 around the test track or read Road & Track Magazine to find out how this car performs at speeds you will never reach and on tracks you most likely will never visit. So I did whatever Lamborghini Gallardo owner should be doing right now, which is drive the car everyday for any reason you can think of.   I roamed around Los Angeles and even trekked to Palm Springs through back roads like 29 to Palms Highway just for a little desert pool relaxation and lunch.

At first glance the exterior has received a pretty big makeover from the older generation Gallardo. The car we were delivered came in a new gorgeous exterior color they call Grigio Lynx. The new car seems much more “Reventon” inspired with its makeover. The rear is where I see the most improvement because they axed the huge bulkily taillights for some sleek, short, and sexy horizontal ones. The new front bumper looks very Murcielago esque making the car sit low and aggressive. The new headlight quickly backs up that new look to complete the new makeover. With the new front end it brought the car lower to the ground and I know you daily driver skeptics are thinking it is impossible to drive something that low everyday!

Just below the air conditioning buttons on the passenger side is a button that allows you to raise the car at a touch of a button. The front end lifts up and lets you clear speed bumps, our famous Los Angeles potholes, and driveway curbs. If you cannot be bothered to lower the car on your own it will lower the front end once you’re at speed. A last daily driver touch for the exterior is with a flick of one button you can turn the mirrors to fold in while parking in tight spaces.

Moving to the interior you will find many Audi parts on the inside. This is a great thing for you as a Lamborghini owner because they all work flawlessly and are ergonomically placed in the interior. I never found myself stumbling to find things like the gas tank, headlights, or hazards. Now, the one flaw of this interior is when you get into some spirited driving with the e-gear transmission you will knock on the windshield wipers every now and again. It’s not that annoying but if I owned the car I would just rip the handle off since it never rains in California to begin with. You people living in other parts of the country might want to find a better solution. The navigation system operates and responds quickly and even includes a nice iPod hookup. Inside your small glove box Lamborghini provides a connector which charges/plays your device through the head unit. They even made some trays so you can secure the item during a drive.

The car had plenty of storage that I was able to play tennis, shop for groceries, head to the auto parts store, and even take a lady friend to the mall for shopping without a blink of an eye or breaking a sweat from lack of space. We know how women like to shop so if she couldn’t defeat the Lamborghini’s stow away space after she did some American Express damage then all of your personal worries should be at rest. Moving on to the driving experience, the e-gear transmission has three modes for driving around town. The A mode is perfect for traffic or a relaxing drive around the city. The next button is Sport mode that brings in more aggressive shifts and some more power. Then the new feature is the Corsa button for when you are really ready to knock your molars out and remind yourself that you own an Italian made rocket ship. The shifts are so fast and aggressive in this mode that without a seat belt on your passenger would likely be thrown through the windshield upon an upshift or aggressive downshift. It’s like your driving a racecar on the street in this mode with one of the most heavenly sounds to ever exit and exhaust being produced every single time you put your right foot down. No matter how many times you lay into the throttle you will get goose bumps listening to this beast scream.

While the motor sounds great and the fancy e-gear transmission is an amazing Formula 1 inspired part to the car we need to talk about the engine. Lamborghini opted to change things up when they did the exterior makeover on this car and put in a 5.2L V10 direct injection motor producing 560ps that translates to about 552hp. This is a 60hp upgrade from the first generation Gallardo! It’s a nice upgrade in power from the older model Gallardo and the new engine revs and performs much differently than the old one.

Sadly when enjoying the mountains just before arriving into Palm Springs some freak rain hit us in the Gallardo. We quickly pulled over and put the top up (only time the top was up when driving this thing) and drove through the rain while continuing to our destination. Now normally in any super car when the rain comes you know your day is done for. A tow truck or a friend pick up is in order unless your willing to white knuckle grip your way to safety or dry tarmac. I quickly got back on the road at a slow and sensible speed and the factory four-wheel drive system keep this thing on the road like it was a Toyota Camry. With the top up we even discovered that the air conditioning worked pretty well.

I could go on for weeks about how the Lamborghini LP560-4 Spyder just stole my heart over the week I had it but you really just need to go test drive one yourself before buying any other super car. This car is a driver’s car that can be enjoyed every single day of the week. Why spend the same amount of money on any other car that just becomes your Sunday car or weekend warrior. Even if you don’t want to bring that much excitement to the work week it will hold it’s own in every category when weighing out your options for the next purchase.

By: Joey Redmond