There’s nothing that says you’ve made it in life quite like a Jaguar, and there’s no better and more expensive Jaguar to drive than the flagship — or is it flagcat? — supercharged Jaguar XJ.

According to our friends at, this newest and sleekest Jaguar manages to combine speed, power, room and luxury in one glorious leather-wrapped, tied-up-with-a-cashmere-bow feline ride. With 470 horsepower, and room for five adults, you’d think the supercharged Jaguar XJ would be a ponderous heavyweight stalking the top shelf BMWs and Mercs of the world. But since it is almost entirely made of aluminum this big cat pounces the competition at the stoplight like a world class sprinter with a 0 to 60 time of just under 5 seconds.

But what makes this Jag so special is not what it has in common with the competion, but instead the quirky differences that make this Jaguar a real Jaguar.