You would think meeting a Playboy centerfold would be very intimidating—especially if you wanted to, say, ask this woman out.

But spend a few minutes with the reigning Playmate of the Year, Dani Mathers, and you might change your mind.

We tracked the blonde bombshell down at the Playboy Mansion for the premiere of The Transporter Refueled, which opens this weekend. Keep reading to find out what turns her on—it may surprise you.

“You could be 300 pounds and smell like hot dogs, but if your smile lights up the room, you’ve got my attention!”

There’s lots of crazy driving in the movie. Do you like fast cars?

Who doesn’t? I’m an adrenaline junky and honestly think I’d be a great driver! I like to go go-karting because it’s the perfect place to go fast, and if I run into anything I’m still safe. I also worked for General Tire for a short while and had the privilege of learning about fast cars, muscle cars, classic cars… every type. Now I understand why men compare cars to women… they are mighty sexy.

We all know pretty girls love nice guys with a sense of humor. But what else are you looking for?

A sense of humor is so important! One thing I definitely don’t like in a guy is one who says what he thinks a girl wants to hear. I like a guy who’s somewhat of a smartass and keeps me on my toes. I don’t always need to be right, or funny. There’s a fine line between being an asshole and a smartass… don’t be afraid to walk it!

What’s the number one physical quality you love in a guy?

His smile! You could be 300 pounds and smell like hotdogs, but if your smile lights up the room, you’ve got my attention!

Do tats turn you on?

Absolutely! In some cases it’s overboard and shows insecurity. But most times, when tats are done in moderation, it shows me that they have a high pain tolerance and for some odd reason that’s so hot to me. However, if a guy is rocking bad art forget about it.

What about a sweet handlebar moustache?

Handlebar moustaches are overrated. I think at a certain point, every guy thought that by having this “sweet handlebar mustache,” it made them a dapper gentleman, gave them sex appeal, and the power to carry tiny moustache combs and wax around with them at restaurants and bars! I don’t know why, but this is so goofy to me. You don’t see me whipping out a round brush and hairspray in public. Handlebar mustaches are high maintenance and suck to kiss. Certain guys can definitely pull it off though, and those guys are like spotting unicorns these days.


What’s the biggest turnoff?

Arrogance! Pick-up lines never work—on me at least—and that level of cockiness that most guys in LA seem to wear like it’s an accessory. Be vulnerable, sweet, and kind… because most likely, you don’t have it in the bag!

By how many percentage points do a guy’s odds improve if he has a British accent?

Zero percent. I only find children with British accents cute—“mum mum mummy!” Maybe it was more attractive when there weren’t as many Brits here. I feel like every guy who has a British accent falls into that arrogant category and automatically assumes the girls will come flocking. And there’s a ton in LA right now. I’ll take a southern drawl over a Brit any day.

Better pickup approach: Suave, earnest or cheese?

Call me cheese, but earnest always wins me over. If I know your personality and it fits, then a little cheese never hurt. But for the most part, a stranger laying thick cheese on a girl isn’t the way to go. Most guys go after the super young girls anyway, so who knows, maybe that cheesy vibe works more than I think! Call me old fashioned, but the simple things like holding a door open for a girl have always seemed to work.

Will you forgive us for occasionally checking out your boobs?

Abso-freakin-lutely! The funniest to me is when a guy is wearing shades and doesn’t think us girls can see him looking out the corner of his eye at our chest! Oh you guys can be so cute sometimes, with how stealthy you think you are! But don’t be that sucker drooling and staring—girls these days aren’t afraid to throw a punch or two!

What quality that we are forgetting to ask about totally makes you melt?

A deep voice… you guys can’t help this, but when a guy has a deep, deep voice I just melt. It’s just so manly and comforting to me. It makes me feel like he could chop down a tree with his bare hands, even if he’s a tiny guy. Oh and style… guys, less is more! Stop color coordinating and accessorizing… leave that to the ladies!


Photos courtesy of Playboy/Michael Bernard