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There are many drinks a man should drink in his life. These 21 drinks will make sure that in your first legal year you experience a range of drink that can help inform your drinking decisions for years to come.


Beer. Obviously.


Long Island Iced Tea. If for no other reason than it’s usually the strongest drink you can order, this drink is a must for any newly of age man.

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Bourbon and Coke. Bourbon is awesome, Coke (or Pepsi) is awesome. Together these two are incredible.


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A Shot of Whiskey. This simple shot might taste terrible, but once you get used to it you will never be forced to shoot sickly sweet shots that will leave you with a massive hangover.

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White Russian.  If the dude abides then so should you.

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A Shot of JagerDrinking like a rock star is easy for anyone within reach of a bottle of Jagermeister and a shot glass. Odds are good you will never order only one of these in a bar. So be warned one shot of Jager will lead to many, many more.

guinness beer

Guinness. Every man should try this dark as night brew at least once, preferably in a pub, preferably in Ireland.


Irish Car Bomb. Drop. Drink. Repeat.


ManhattanThis classic drink tastes the way a drink is actually supposed to taste. Not sweet, not too bitter, but loaded with flavor that highlights the alcohol.

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Rum and Coke. A favorite of drinking people everywhere, odds are good you’ve had one or two of these before. But ordering a properly made rum and Coke in a bar is an entirely different experience.

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Tom Collins. The mixes may be sickly sweet, but a properly made Tom Collins is an immaculately refreshing drink perfect for spring afternoons.

Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic. Once you’ve tried gin in a Tom Collins you can move up to this classic. It’s best if you drink this in a bar, in London, while wearing a suit.

scotch on the rocks.jpg

Scotch On The Rocks. Whether you’re toasting to Bill Brasky or drinking alone feeling sad over a girl, scotch is the manliest drink.


Champagne. The official drink of celebrations everywhere, even a cheap bottle of champagne can completely change a night. Get champagne and get crazy.

sake pouring in a cup.jpg

Sake. Warm or cold sake is one of those beverage that perfectly depicts the region it’s from. Clean with a definite beer-ish flavor, sake is the drink of sushi houses everywhere.

caipirinha on a table.jpg

CaipirinhaWhat sake is to Japan the Caipirinha is to Brazil. Whether you’re over looking a sunset in Rio or a sunrise in Detroit this drink, made with sugar cane rum, is perfect.

margarita drink

A Margarita. Not frozen, preferably not from a mix. A true margarita tastes nothing like the sip your dad gave you at the Mexican restaurant in the mall. The real thing is a summer drink to be admired and longed for.

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Martini. Gin, bitters, a little cold water. Stirred but not shaken. Shaking a drink breaks up more ice and waters the drink down. Yep, James Bond drank watered down drinks.


Redbull And VodkaNo drink makes as much sense in a club. No drunk leaves you feeling as wrecked the next day.

Jello Shot

Jell-o Shot. Delicious, jiggly, deadly. Alcohol takes longer to hit you in a Jell-o shot. Eat too many of these and you will find yourself wrapped around a toilet puking in Technicolor.


Straight Liquor In a Glass. Drink this in a bar and people will admire you. Whether it’s vodka, whiskey, or any other liquor, this is a sign of a real drinker who truly appreciates the alcohol he’s drinking. Men will respect you, women will want you, and you feel like the man you truly are.