Not a whole lot of exposition to offer here. If you’re under 30, there’s a solid chance you work online. If you’re under 60, you use a computer ever day. If you’re 90, you’re not reading this post, and if you are, you don’t give a crap. That’s okay. Old guys get some wiggle room.

But for the rest of us, here’s ____ geeky cufflinks to take some of the edge off that monkey suit you’re wearing to work.


Ef me if these aren’t funny. $50 [Buy it]

Aluminum & Wood

This steampunk pair of cufflinks is from designer Sarah Lynne. Get them from Etsy for $70. [Buy it]

Level Converter Circuit Boards

From digiBling on Etsy, these red ‘links are a little more affordable if a little more clunky at $16. [Buy it]

Lego Batman

Give a blocky hint to your secret identity with these Lego Batman links for $20 [Buy it]

Light Switches

For the on-again off-again business man. Buy them for $65. [Buy it]

Space Invaders

Live dangerously with these alien foes dancing at your wrists all day for $45. [Buy it]

Shadow Troopers

The most nefarious member of the Emperor’s guard can be on your sleeve for $20. [Buy it]

Flash Drive

Wait for it…these could really ‘save’ your ensemble. €185. [Buy it]

Gold Circuit Board

A slightly classier turn on the above red circuit boards. $18. [Buy it]

Mix Tapes

For those of us who scoff at the ability to skip tracks. $50 [Buy it]

Star Trek

To boldly go where much less interesting links have gone before. $40 [Buy it]


For the same reason that pencils have erasors. $20 [Buy it]

Tux the Linux Penguin

For those who have sartorial and computational objections to the mainstream. $65 [Buy it]


For those that check their email at home, in the bathroom, on a flight…etc. £9.99 [Buy it]

Rose Gold Steampunk

They don’t really do anything other than look really good. $145 [Buy it]


Escape your controlled wardrobe with these ‘links. £9.99 [Buy it]


Use these links to keep your French cuffs from getting in the way of your Mario Karting. $150 [Buy it]


Because it’s quite impractical to put full-size CDs on your cuffs. $14 [Buy it]

Dual Compasses

For the businessman lost in the urban jungle and looking for a way out. £12.99 [Buy it]

If you put the www link on your right arm, the .com on your left…does that make you a domain name? £9.99 [Buy it]

Test Card

Look at those adorable CRT screens with rabbit ears.  Nostalgia x 1000. [Buy it]


It probably won’t be long until these are not just decorative. £9.99  [Buy it]