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Some people will call them cheap shots. But winners will call them good moves. These simple and effective strategies will help you win a bar fight without breaking a sweat. Or they will piss off your attacker even more and you’ll be forced to knock him out in one punch with a little help from our For The Win video below. Either way it’s a guarantee that a fight will be won.


Puff Up Your Chest

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Sometimes a little bit of posturing is all that is needed to keep an enemy at bay. If It works on bears it will most assuredly work on humans as well. Walk up and look straight into his eyes. If he backs away or gives up any ground then the fight is yours and you didn’t even have to throw a punch.

Pretend Like Everyone Is Your Friend

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If you can convince your opponent that you know the entire bar he will quickly back down from a fight. Fighting a bar full of alcohol-fueled brawlers is an entirely different prospect than fighting just you. Unless your opponent in Jean Claude Van Damme, in that case you only will make him angrier.


Scream “This Guy Hit A Girl” And Point At Your Opponent


In a crowded bar there are at least 30 men trying to impress the women they are with. And every one of them has fantasized about saving a woman from a brute. Give them this chance and your one-on-one fight will quickly become a one-on-a-hundred. Let these jacked up frat boys do the work for you while you sip a beer. Be sure to add in another quip as the now beat down former fighter gets thrown out by the bouncers